When two consenting adults agree to the terms of the dick and dash contract in which both parties have consensual sex for the time being until the next sexual partner comes along and demonstrates exceptional companionship.
Met this off tinder who down to dick and dash for the night and then on to the next one.
by Trap Monroe February 2, 2018
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A short relationship including two people who want a quick relief of pleasure then go away and never see each other again.
Hey mango's little sister want to have dick and dash.
Sure just let me get the condoms.
by Rydog1404 December 23, 2017
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Noun: The process of being in a relationship just for sex then dumping their ass in a short amount of time. (Time varies from 24 hours to only a week) Also referred to short relationships that are unnecessary since it was only for the dick.
Bitch 1: Hey dude did you hear that David and Libby had a dick and dash recently?

Bitch 2: Wow oml they are so stupid why.
by Interesting flamingos November 1, 2017
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Dick and dash is a relationship that is only for sex and kinky shit, then you dumped them right after. The term could also be used if you had a one night stand and leave the person's house right before they wake up.
My boyfriend only wants a dick and dash relationship, he doesn't want to date me full time.
by Suck a very large dick January 29, 2018
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A dumbass pointless "relationship" that is only for sex. It lasts for a week at the maximum time. The only purpose is to suck dick and get pussy.
Oh my god, Noah and Dominique are having a dick and dash. Makes sense since they are both atrocious in bed.
by mcnuggetdestroyer December 30, 2017
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1.Immediantly leaving after the completion of intercourse.
"that asshole dick n' dashed me last night"

"Dick n' dash den do yo friend"
by Evolve.Devolve January 25, 2009
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Hitting someone in the dick with a controller
Oh Eric hit him in the dick with the controller. Jiro got dick dashed
by zhewrong February 12, 2021
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