When men exude copious amounts of cockiness and pride and exhibit an inflated sense of self worth.
Avery: I definitely nailed that job interview, there no way I wont get the spot. But don't worry you still have a shot. I probably wont accept it anyway, it's not even that good.

Anna: Ugh, please! I'm so tired of your dick swinging
by Turkeybitch January 19, 2019
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Trying to out do one another, engage in a pissing contest (qv).
Politians are always dick swinging in the House of Commons.
by Slipper April 13, 2006
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When your penis makes a massive change in size. Usually describing the penis going from a state of shrinkage to a boner, or vice versa.
1. "Damn, that girl's so fine she made me do a dick swing!"

2. "Dude, it was so cold that I got shrinkage even while my girl was giving me a blowjob I got shrinkage!"

"Whoa, dick swing to the max!"
by Board 8er February 16, 2006
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an ego laden interaction usually (although not always) involving men where each individual tries to out do the the other in knowledge and or acheivements. Often seen in corporate settings and family get-togethers
Fuck me! That was a waste of time. I actually thought we could get something done at this meeting. Instead it turned into a Dick Swinging Contest!
by Mr Jameson October 23, 2010
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"Big Dick Swinging" is a phrase used to instill a sense of wellness and optimism into ones self before attempting to overcome a challenge for which one is not prepared.
Jill: "Are you ready for the math exam?"
John: "I'm going to walk into that exam Big Dick Swinging!"
by DrBONGhITS420PHD December 12, 2013
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colorful description of when, through the incompetence, cowardice, or possibly malice of others, you are rendered helpless, screwed over, or at the very least, publicly made a fool of.
Matt just looked at me when those two samoans demanded an apology. So I'm just standing there with my dick swinging in the wind, having no idea who really slapped that girl's ass.
by skid mark vz November 16, 2007
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