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when a nigga dick hard and he text the first bitch he deems fuckable. (when you stop thinking with your head and begin thinking with your penis.)
trey(mr. makeothappen): fam u slapped that shordy yesterday shes murked.
Jaden(chocolate): fam cool out it was jus a dick swing.
by Mr.makeithappen01 April 22, 2018
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When your penis makes a massive change in size. Usually describing the penis going from a state of shrinkage to a boner, or vice versa.
1. "Damn, that girl's so fine she made me do a dick swing!"

2. "Dude, it was so cold that I got shrinkage even while my girl was giving me a blowjob I got shrinkage!"

"Whoa, dick swing to the max!"
by Board 8er February 16, 2006
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