The phrase used to describe a one-legged man wearing very short cutoff blue jeans, and his penis is hanging out the pantleg on the side where his leg is missing. These men appear as though they have a dick for a leg. And, some of these men also choose to wear an infant's shoe on the end of their cock for better traction.
Damn, I hate the VA hospital. There's just too man dick legs around here.
by EatMyJunk April 21, 2009
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The unfortunate walking condition that results from severe pain in the rectum, mainly observed after a SLUT is out on the town whoring it up with no guilt.
Dick legged is a bow legged condition named after a legal counsel from the Standard Legal Underwriting Team (SLUT) that gets plastered every time a bottle of beer or wine is put in front of her. After several drinks, dancing on a few tables, grinding on old men, and getting a late-night anal pounding from the bisexual hubby, everybody can observe the pain and regret she is feeling the next day simply by the way she walks.
by Andreas_the_Almighty January 22, 2011
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one whose legs resemble dicks.

also, a term of endearment.

jack-ass, d-bag,cunt-muffin,jerk, shit head, cock juggling thunder cunt

something you call your friends instead of calling them stupid
"dude, can you believe that kid forgot to bring beer?"

"wow.... what a dick legs"
by Tiger Twist August 12, 2009
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also known as D.D.L.

The leg your dick tends to gravitate towards on a regular basis.
My left leg is my dominant dick leg.
by ashleylauren8 October 27, 2011
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A phrase that parallels, "Shit for brains." It has the same content, but might be more suitable for the new generation.
"Man, your hella stupid. You have dicks for legs."
by Justin "Bombay" October 5, 2007
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A "mack" or flirt where a man, well hung, by placing his dick on a womans leg, arouses her to satisfy him orally.
Man: "I walked into the room, placing my member on her heaving thigh as she slept. Upon waking to the sight of such an appetising morsel, she proceeded to indulge in an early morning protein shake."

Friend: "Oh yeah! You totally pulled off the dick on leg move!"
by jesspollard January 17, 2011
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sleeping girl; cheeky dick on the leg followed by sleepy head;
get in.
Jess is sleeping. Angus strolls in and engages in the "dick on the leg mack" by sneakily lays his member on her heaving thigh. Jess wakes up and spying such an appetising morsel indulges in an early morning protein shake.
by fattits100 January 16, 2011
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