When a woman expects to get some but plans change and she has to go without getting some, so she throws a dick fit. Much like a child throwing a tantrum when they dont get what they want.
The couple had plans to spend a romantic night tigether, but due to unforseen circumstances they had to postpone their night, causing the woman to throw a dick fit.
by Sparta1997 December 15, 2017
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Core fitness regimen, focused on high speed movements of the penis. Popular exercises include the Apache attack helicopter, the angry crane, and the ABCs.
You don't have any Dickfit classes? I guess I'll have to take my MEMBERship elsewhere..
by Bongo Stavros February 27, 2019
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Underwear or pants that are just large enough to fit your dick.
"eye, look at that boyo wearing dick fits, you can see his boner from here"
by AntonioThaGreasa April 10, 2015
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Physically in shape and sexually attractive to men, especially after not being or feeling that way for some time.
Cheryl had put on some weight while she was pregnant but was working hard to get dick fit in time for summer.
by soapdishjp February 09, 2010
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The female equivalent to a pussy fit. When a female makes a rude or crass, unwanted or inappropriate sexual advance on a male she doesn't know and he refuses, her resulting insecure name-calling is a "dick fit".
Female: Hey, guy. You should buy me a drink. Look at my boobs!
Male:....uh, no thanks. I actually have some class, lady.
Female:...oh! Well, I guess I wouldn't want one from you anyway! You limpdick! What are you, gay! Go back over there with your fraternity boyfriends!
Male:.....did she just tell me I had a small dick and gay because I refused her?
Male 2: Yep. Huh, must have expected every guy to swoon for her because of her boobs. Insecure bitch. She's having a dick fit.
by sailtheplains September 21, 2013
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