Dial -in a formal phrase which mean "Include"
by $$%^& December 9, 2011
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to be absolutely focused/ mostly referencing a send
Adham was fucking dialed in last Saturday
by Kyle Foregard June 22, 2021
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To have a sequence or procedure mastered to where it is almost second nature.
I beat Ganon so many times that summer, I had the whole game pretty much dialed in.
by Ash April 26, 2005
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a situation, event, person, or even a BMX trick that is, or was done perfectly. Derived from Derek Girard, FBM.
Dude, jeff, your Mom is dialed!

by littlejoey August 10, 2007
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1. When something is perfect.
2. A substitute for cool.
3. Can be used in reference to an athlete performing well (usually basketball or baseball).
1. You seen the lower body on that girl? That thing is dialed in.

2. You gotta get up to that party, it's gonna be dialed in.

3. Eric Gordon is dialed in right now.
by WBT February 28, 2008
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