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Usually a name given to Egyptians whose studliness is so clear it is evident upon arabic Adham means black stallion which I guess is fitting because techincally Egyptians are light skinned Africans...he's jacked and rippeddd to the max like so little body fat you wanna cry. He's a maniac in bed and in the gym and, you guessed it, he loves contact sports, even in basketball he plays it like he's playing football or something. His one weakness though is he's a romantic. He always chases after the ladies but find the right girl and this badass will become a cupcake.
Person1: Man that guy's crazy he just bench pressed 400 pounds!

Person2: That's not some random guy, thats Adham.

Person1: Oh, that's why he always says aww when he texts
by Fohawk359 June 27, 2010
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Adham is name usually called for Arabs. It means the black horse and usually his hair is tall.Adham often be smart and they love any sport specially the foot and basket ball . They like to go to the gym and they’re friends are lucky to have some one like Adham so try to have one because also they don’t like to make they’re friends sad and they are not very close to girls they are friends only so like I said have one
by Dixybro April 23, 2018
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Someone who is goofy, but serious at the same time, trust worthy. You can Rant about anything to him, Usually an Adham wears glasses and has curly hair. Someone if You're mad at, he can make you laugh and make you forget, but he's annoying as fuck
"Dude Have you met my friend?"
"Adham? Yeah he's great"
by accuratelyinaccurate69 July 27, 2018
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Is a Name given to a male that is always struggling to be honest and hates a lot of people for dumb small reasons and is sucidal and always trying to get girls and pretending he is the best when he’s the worst
Wow that guys a fag his name has to be adham
by Ooppooo April 18, 2018
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A very hairy gorilla looking guy, he likes to go to the gym but he's still fat, he hits people for criticizing him and he begs for money and hits people to give his 35 riyals back, he likes hardees so much , and he catches feelings for food that looks good, he's really weird around girls and he likes to lie about how many girls he dates, any girl he finds on Snapchat he follows and hits on her no matter her age, he has a shit taste of girls and he would date any one from the opposite gender,
Man look at that adham, get away from him
by Xhdhrhdhd May 20, 2017
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