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Abbreviation for die in a hole. Often used by teenagers when something annoys them and they reply diah in a jokey way.
Eleanor; oh hey Kaddy. Your cousins fit yannoe. Can I have his number
Kaddy; no. Go diah
by Asdfghjklxx04 September 26, 2017
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I want all the 'popular' students to just D.I.A.H.
I have a list of names of people I want to D.I.A.H., and you're in it.
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by Raspberrii June 30, 2018
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an abbreviation for diarrhea. Commonly ended with a long h sound to emphasize how weakening and gross it is.
Teddy: oh my god, worst diah of my life last night!
Rafi: I hate diahhhhh!
Teddy: i get it soooo much
Rafi: i know you're fucked!
by shes real effed July 02, 2010
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