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Is an amazing human being with lots of personality. Quiet around large crowds but won't stop talking when with her friends! Very supportive of her friends and never lets you down. She will always be there for you and never fails to make you laugh. Dhiya's are usually quite self conscious but carry a hidden confidence when it comes to there passion or hobby. They are amazing friends and even better gf's and will always be amazing at what they do.
Person 1: Who's is that?
Person 2: Oh that's Dhiya.
Person 1: She's in my home room, seems pretty quiet.
Person 2: Trust me, when you get to know her she is not quiet!!
by Bunnylover122 January 29, 2017
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Lights; it is an Arabic name and can be used both for boy and girl.
His name is Dhiya, and like the meaning of his name, he brings in lights into my life.
by CrippleCat December 31, 2010
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Normally a girl, normally shy and quiet. She is very smart and beautiful. She is an amazing friend and can make yiu love life. She is brave althoigh simetimes not that confident. She is sometimes violent, stubborn, relentless and headstrong. Although she may be shy at times, never ket her go once you have found her! She can sometimes be emotional and use her heart and that makes her dangerous at times. Will do anything to protect her family, friends and herself. Doesnt trust easily and often sarcastic to hide her problems. A warrior or a Queen, both suit her perfectly. Alluring, smart and gorgeous. Likes to be in control of things and have power. Almost like a wolf when in her true zone.
Person 1: dhiya is so cute!
Person 2: Cute!? You should try to get to know her!
Person 3: She hit me when we were working on our section marks because i wasnt “ doing anything “ and apparenty “ acting like an idiot doesnt count!”
Person 1: I really need to make friends with this chick.
by Witty-onexxxx May 10, 2018
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Dhiya that mean a handsome man, good ,cool and brilliant in do something.

Although, Dhiya is a people who will do something for her/his Friends.

Dhiya also can use for boy and girl.
by CreateMan December 28, 2016
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