I’m reference to the infamous DewyMonster, a well known discord troll.
Man, that’s pretty dewy of you.
by Leonardo King October 30, 2020
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The uncontrollable outpouring of glistening nectar between a girls legs when she is turned on or has just climaxed.
“He could tell, just by looking at her, that Charlotte was dewy
by Monsterhally October 2, 2018
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A word used in place of 'good' or 'nice'

Can be used in place of dope also.

Dewy is a very swag word so use with responsibility.
Bluu: Ey, I fuck my girlfriend!

Me: Dewy to the max!


D1: Yo, I made D3!!!111!!!1

Me: That's dewy!
by EddyMeow June 12, 2011
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Dewi mean 'angel' in Indonesia language. The person who named Dewi, really represent with the meaning of it. Dewi such a beautiful woman with a pure heart. She always caring each other and everyone loves her so much.
A : I never meet someone who's really beautiful

B : maybe you should see Dewi
by nooneknow November 22, 2021
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Beautiful brown haired girl! She has a unique and exotic look with curls anyone would die for. She has a funny and spunky personality. Dewi likes a good time and enjoys life the way it should be lived, GLAMOROUS!
I really need to pull a Dewi this semester, I won't get into Stanford doing nothing!
by weezyfbabyhdfyyrr August 6, 2011
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The name Dewi is a girl's name meaning "little goddess". This Indonesian name meaning little goddess is also common in the Netherlands due to the old colonial relationship between the two countries.
by taylorswifties November 23, 2021
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