A drinking game in which players drink a shot every time a nominee to the Supreme Court lies under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The Brett Kavanaugh hearings had all of us Devil's Triangle players so drunk we couldn't remember what we did that day!
by Yanas_Girl September 30, 2018
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A skydiving game involving 3 men; sexual preference does not matter. All three take a shot of tequila and whiskey. Repeat shots for 3 rounds. 3 people and 3 rounds because triangles have 3 sides. The 6 shots must be finished in under 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, all three jump out of the airplane holding hands. Once out, players begin mastubating, the team must collectively achieve 6 ejaculations. The guy who provides the 6th nut pulls his chute. The other 2 cannot pull their chutes and must try and hold on to the man who pulled his. Whoever survives wins the game of Devil's Triangle.

6 shots, 6 minutes, 6 nuts= 666, the Devil's Triangle.
It's crazy, did you hear? Kav, Squee and Marky J played the Devil's Triangle back in the '80s and all three survived. I read about it in their yearbook.
by TheRealUrbanGuru October 05, 2018
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In catholic circles as i grew up, the devils' triangle was a girls' pubic area. The pubic bone and the thigh creases form a triangle and was a forbidden zone. Hence, the devil's triangle.
Hey judd, if you've been to the devil's triangle you might want to break out them prayer beads before going to church again.
by TeoSR September 29, 2018
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When one dude tells a blatant lie to a Congressman under oath while a third party edits Wikipedia to
When Brett Kavanaugh lied about the meaning of a slang term to the Senator, someone in the audience created the Devil's Triangle of deceit by editing Wikipedia with that meaning.
by ragnell September 30, 2018
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A game in which four people sit at a table with three glasses in the middle arranged in a triangular formation. Each of the four participants takes turns being the "shooter". The shooter attempts to bounce a quarter into one of the glasses. If the quarter landed in one of the glasses. the person at the table sitting nearest to the glass had to drink the beer.

Confirmed by Justice Kavanaugh's classmates
Friend 1: "Hey do you want to play Devil's Triangle?"

Friend 2: "I was told that was a form of rape by CNN."

Friend 3: "Its sad that people are so desperate to destroy a man's life that they cling to absurd stories like that instead of accepting the logical conclusion that phrases like these are just bad inside jokes written by innocent high schoolers. It was even confirmed to be a game by one of his classmates."

Friend 2: "Good point, let's play."
by DisillusionedCentrist October 05, 2018
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Defense strategy in a judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding where the accused admits to some of the facts alleged against him (or her) but asserts they occurred in the context of a drinking game.
Senator: “As CEO for 42 years, were you aware of any of the 100+ research reports authored by the head of your R&D department on the subject of ‘spiking’.... artificially enhancing the addictive effects of nicotine?”
CEO: “Senator, let me take a step back…. this all started with a game of beer pong during a company retreat….”
TV Commentator: whispering "...he's using the Devils Triangle, as predicted…”
by TheRealPapaBob April 02, 2020
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Three leftists holding each other's penises, looking for any excuse to block conservative nominees. As credible a definition as the one's cited above.
Corey Booker, Maisie Hirono and Kamala Harris conspired, in a Devils triangle,to sabotage Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.
by Deplorably Me October 09, 2018
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