To look into something. To show someone something or make a point
Boy 1: I'm back and better than ever and they don't want me be.
Boy 2: Oh really ?
Boy 1: Yea my dude read about it!
by Stringcheese31 December 2, 2017
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When someone is being not just extra, but " EXTRA EXRTA" dramatic about a situation.
You need to calm down Keri, you are being so "Read all about it"
by SirK1784 April 24, 2019
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Used to dismiss a vapid Internet argument; shows the poster needs to educate himself on the topic at hand.
"The 1968 Mets were the best baseball team ever? Why don't you go read a book about India?"
by JormanThoad March 2, 2017
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