judd is a nice guy who is under aprishiated and is great bf. so if you have a judd hold on to him
girl one: hey do you know him?
girl two: i think his name is judd.
girl one: he must be a great bf. his gf is soooo lucky
girl three: back off he's mine
by paigie bear March 13, 2017
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A small guy with a surprisingly huge schlong, or a nickname for anyone with an exceptionally large penis.
I was never interested in Roger until I heard he's a total judd.

Getting schlanked by Judd is often fatal.
by M. A. September 16, 2006
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When a mans foreskin is welded to his helmet due to inadequate hygiene
Ben Cousins has the judd due to chronic masterbation and an allergy to soap.
by Mack P Silk September 19, 2007
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he is a wonderful man, he gets amazing grades in school but has extremely sweaty hands. A touch from him can save the dryness of africans
dang its so wet in here i guess it got judded
by oramygrosht April 18, 2019
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A member of the testudo (turtle) family. Land judd means turtles that maily live on land and water judds refer to the aquatic varieties."Gamora Judd" means the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.
Judds are interesting reptiles to keep as pets.I own a land judd.
by Elvia February 4, 2008
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To tell someone to pick up their shit and get the hell out, and be entirely justified in doing so.
My roomie is such a pig, I'm just going to judd him.
by Kgus January 14, 2008
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A very handsome and intelligent boy. He is very popular and everyone likes him but he is cursed and his family members aren't as good as him. He will be rich and famous. Very Lovable and cuddly but very shy sometimes
Girl 1: Look at him
Girl 2: He is such a Judd
Girl 3: I know, He is cute and funny
by erjynerlkyvj erlity May 8, 2017
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