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Devaughn is usually a black guy but has more swag then the average bear and the average frat boy so he is a cool kid
Bro Devaughn has so much swag he can give you some and still look better than you
by that one guy in the corner November 02, 2011
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a smart boy ye but ngl he’s a bit dum at times and this boy can’t remember things for real for real .

I think he’s leng and funny with some mad laugh but that’s just an opinion

he’s a special, one and only mf boyfriend and a great friend

he’s a bit dead on the phone but in real life his convo is live ngl

so go ye and find yourself a devaughn
Devaughn is a Fine ass looking ass leng ass sexy motherfukkaaa
by periodtttITSonSIGHTmffff November 29, 2019
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a stupid ass nigga with messed up teeth. he likes anybody and everybody and he think he the cutest boy in the class but deep inside he a pussy and nobody likes him cause he not even cute with his ugly ass and he ugly asf and he like the bitches with the fat booties but ugly ass faces and what he be doing not cute
Devaughn weird stupid ugly ass with a fat ass big ass head and his breath always stink with his showing off small dick ass nigga PERIODT
by Naeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 09, 2019
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