A person, usually male, that is very muscular and handsome. At some times, Devals get hungry or bored. They are very fun to be with
by ginderman November 23, 2011
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A boy that is usually funny, talented, handsome and Can get really hungry at times...Can be a good friend but is likely to change when you get on his nerves
He is such a Deval
Everyone wants to be a Deval
by Unknown ghost nigga April 23, 2018
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A warrior made from the stuff of legends. Never has the universe seen a more godly being such as this man. Legend has it that anyone with this name has the ability to destroy and rebuild the universe and his own will.
Devall....all praise the almighty Devall.
by Lonewolf007 December 09, 2017
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devale is a kid that acts like a pervert and is always acting like a bitch snd running away from fights. he will always act like he is haveing sex with something.
he was all up on that girl acting like a devale.
by joseph j p February 24, 2008
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A kid that is a guy acting like a girl. He is 10-faced and enjoys gossiping about other people. He is not someone you should trust and definitely not someone that you should be life partners with.
DO NOT make the same mistake I did by marrying a Deval. This was the worst decision of my life.
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When Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proclaims that all non-essential state employees stay at home on a work day due to an impending snowstorm. He also encourages private businesses to do the same for their employees.
"Looks like there's a chance of snow tomorrow, maybe we'll get another Deval-iday!"
by thevideodog December 19, 2008
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