-a room where you sit in when a teacher wants you to "think about what youve done"
-where most people get sent to for tardies and gum
"I got detention for gum again"
by Whatever, Like I really care January 19, 2008
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What students hate to get but kinky adults love to play.
6th grade history class: Teacher - is that gum you are chewing? DETENTION!!!. Student - (fuuuccckkkk).

On a date: Girl - I have a school costume. Guy - (oh my god..) You are getting detention tonight! Girl - Panties get wet.
by otroppa November 28, 2009
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A special room in high school, where you go if you do something very severe,

1. Insubordination

2. Get caught cheating

3. Bad-mouthing a teacher

4. Get caught leaving the school grounds before school is over

5. Fighting with a fellow student or faculty.

The student who was in violation has to collect all their assignments from their assigned teachers, and they are not allowed to go to the cafeteria for their lunch break, lunch is to be eaten in the detention room.
I was put in detention for giving my study hall teacher the one finger-salute for being a smart-ass. That was the only time I was put in detention
by Saints September 21, 2003
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It's not good at all. Some detentions can vary depending on what you did. For example if you told the principle to go to hell that is a full day. If you simply had your phone out in class then its a lunch detention. Full day detention are way worse. 2 restroom breaks, not allowed to go to the cafeteria to get your lunch ( the teachers get it for you) and your teachers send ALL the work you have to do down to detention in my school. Worst of all if you don't get it done, congraluations you just got 2 to 3 hours of homework. After school detentions are the worst. You are held in school after everyone has left. Ive only got lunch detentions. its where you get your lunch then go to detention.
To basically sum it all up if you want to be with your friends, go home, or not have a whole ton of homework dont get a detention.
by One little hellian September 26, 2017
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a place 99.9999999% (students) the population hates, and 0.0000001% (teachers) like.
I got detention for saying yes.
by oqierualskhdfjnmcasdf December 18, 2018
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A punishment used in school in which a student is required to show up before or after school or to stay in during recess or lunch. Detention may occur in a detention hall, on the wall, or in a classroom. As a result of receiving detention students are stripped of their undergarments and are not allowed to wear them again. As a result of detention, students are required to go commando as a sign of their punishment.
The students had detention now they do not are required to go commando.
by detention0311 October 21, 2010
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The worst thing to come out of America's education system. A waste of a perfectly good hour where your basic rights to go places is taken away for an hour. Also prevents socializing if you live in Bronxville where almost every detention is at lunch
Garcia: Lindsay is such a stupid whore
Teacher:Don't say that! Go to Mr.name edited out to protect the man's privacy!

Mr.not saying his name you stalkers who want to email him:Alright, you have a lunch and after school detention
Garcia: Damn it
by namesdontmatteratall July 23, 2017
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