When shit just gets way out of hand fucked
A woman drinking beer on a roof, then pretends to be Tony Hawk, and ends up just laying there, while a kid pulls the finger. There’s fire and oh look a fat pig. The new definition of Destination Fucked
by Luckyboybrowne May 29, 2019
A Sheila on top of a roof drinking beer, who then proceeds to strike herself on the forehead multiple times with her beer can. She then attempts to ride a skateboard of said roof, trying to mimic a Tony Hawks, likely due to her inebriated state. Dows below you will likely find a fat kid, giving her the finger as she lays there, now presumably unconscious. Below the woman, but behind the fat kid, will also be some fire for no apparent reason, and also a pig, whom closely resembles the aforementioned kid.
"There's a Sheila, drinking beer, and hitting herself. She tries to be Tony Hawk, she fails hard. She lays there for a while. Here's a kid, pulling the finger. To the right, you'll notice fire, and there's a fat big, okie dokie".

Ozzy Man Reviews, 29/11/2018. Ozzy Man Reviews: Destination FDestination Fucked Compilation (Volume 7)
by Fearless Kitty November 29, 2018
Destination Fucked - Is about fucking up at something being middle-fingered by a little kid and looking straight at a fat pig.
by Xellti March 23, 2019
Somewhere you end up when directed by fuckwits.
Jim: Geez, there is more chiefs here than Indians.
John: Yeah, we're heading to destination fucked.
by JLH April 26, 2017
When your missus drinks a can of beer, smashes it on her head, then tries to ride a skateboard off the roof and smacks her face so your son flips her the bird and yells out "fuck you ya bitch" and your pet pig is chilling in the corner of the back yard chewing on your baby's head.
by You're not my real dad May 14, 2019
When a lady falls on a skateboard from a roof while drinking beer and hitting herself and a little kid pulls the finger at her. A fire is lit in the garden and a fat pig is chilling out in there too.
Oh boy my mate and I went to Destination fucked yesterday and it was an experience and a half.
by Gabcar November 29, 2018
The attempt to Tony hawk while drunk off your ass as you crush a can on your head while being flipped off by a lad as a fire rages on near by

Oh and theres a fat pig somewhere off to the right
Yea so I went to Toby's house and his mum headed for destination FUCKED
by Irish_lad reviews May 27, 2019