It's when you drink a beer on the roof and then hit yourself in the head with the can. Then try to be Tony Hawk, fail hard, fall on your head and lay there for a moment while a child gives you the finger. Also there is a fire on the right and a fat pig.
by mstr-rptr November 29, 2018
A rickety ladder and a few skinny children holding it. While an over weight man tries to go for glory. This may as well be the dictionary definition of destination fucked
“Unfortunately there is an innocent nut-sack being sent to destination fucked right there
by Nut-sack Jones September 6, 2018
A lady drinking beer and hitting herself, she tries to be Tony Hawk, she fails hard. She lays there for a’s a kid pulling the finger. To the right you’ll notice fire... and there’s a fat pig.
Ohhh, he landed up in destination fucked !

He took the longest time to get to destination fucked.
by Ozzy man November 29, 2018
She fails hard and lays there a while. To the right theres a kid pulling the middle finger and ooh a fucking pig
And she has just gone to destination fucked!
by Geidjbsndod November 29, 2018
No EXACT definition; when it happens, you'll know it. Alternatively:
*Australian accent* There's a sheila drinking beer and hitting herself. She tries to be Tony Hawk. She fails hard. She lays there for a while. Here's a kid pulling the finger. To the right you'll notice fire and there's a fat pig. Okey dokey.
I'd say fire qualifies as a gateway to destination fucked.
by PHlegmaticul November 29, 2018
Being filmed while smashed on a roof top, shot gunning a stubie with a face smash while attempting a Tony hawk kick flip and eating shit mid way, with the youth of today watching on giving moral support in the form of a fuck you finger amidst a brewing fire of rage and a fat pig wandering aimlessly with the thoughts of 'someone just fucking eat me already'!
And at that moment, he arrived at 'destination fucked!'
by Magnetico November 29, 2018
A self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts which usually starts with you being on a top of a roof shouting at your neighbors. At this point you know it's too late to go back, but luckily you are a person of many talents. You chug a beer and smash it against your face repeatedly, showing no pain, then display your skateboarding ability, right before falling into a slumber to show disrespect to your neighbors once again. One person will give you the middle finger, your belongings will be set on fire, and your pet pig will switch sides and join your neighbors. You may never wake up...You've reached Destination Fucked
Poor decisions often lead to Destination Fucked
by Rain Juice November 29, 2018