You like most of his songs, especially right when they dropped. Only problem is you don't know what the hell he's saying the majority of the time!
You hear Desiigner's Panda? Don't understand anything but I heard the word panda every now and then!
by WingerRK August 19, 2016
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That one rapper that made that one lit song, Panda.
"Yo, listen to this song by Desiigner!"
by Orloz May 11, 2016
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The most recent coming of Jesus. Bringer of the lit jam Panda .
Nigga 1: you know that song that goes "panda panda panda panda"

Nigga 2: yeah that shits dope Desiigner made that
by Niggles the GOAT May 16, 2016
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Pretty dope rapper. But the noises he makes are golden.
"So, Desiigner, how did you think your concert go this evening?"
by 0VandrossYuh0 August 1, 2017
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A new rapper who sounds straight up retarded and like a complete ripoff of Future. The fact that his song Pand was able to become a hit just proves that the public loves bullshit music devoid of any real talent.
Nicole: have you heard the new Future song called Panda? It's fuckin trash!
Bill: That's not Future, that's Desiigner.
Nicole: Oh yeah, whatever, both of them sound fucking retarded.
by Icy Wyte December 9, 2016
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are you desiigner? cuz u have a mental diasbility.
by Anne Cecilie December 6, 2016
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