A) to come down from a very high place, such as while climbing a mountain or flying in an airplane

B) the most painful part of most drug use

C) Nowhere near the same as "Dissent", like the moron in the first response would have us believe
"We hit a rough patch of weather on our descent, but we should make it home safely"

"There will be heavy snowfall during the descent, so make sure you keep an eye on your partners"

"Shit man, I took 4 tabs and drank 2 bottles of Robo last night and now Im on the descent. Can you get me a puke pan and some pillows?"

"Contrary to popular belief, DISSENT is on the ASCENT."
by GrammerWithAnE October 22, 2009
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A flight simulation game where your only objective is to blow up robots and reactors, then escape from the underground mines before the reactor melts down.

It's a mindless game, but pretty fun.
There is also, Descent II, and Descent 3.
I play Descent! It's awesome :O
by Axeraider67 December 22, 2006
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A first-person shooter/shoot ‘em up released in 1995. One of the earliest PC games to feature fully 3D graphics, predating Quake. Descent was unique in that it played deceptively like a space combat sim with similar control layouts, it pioneered 6-degrees-of-freedom gameplay; there is no determined "up" or "down", as your small and maneuverable fighter craft can move left right up or down, turn 360 degrees in all direction and even roll all while doing any of the other things. Taking the role of the Material Defender “Vertigo One”, you explore extraterrestrial mining installations and fight virus infected mining robots, with the goal of destroying the reactor that controls them and rescuing surviving miners along the way. More “Doom but you fly” than Star Wars™ X-Wing, Descent was immediately recognized for its unique gameplay and 3D graphics, and became a critical and commercial success, it is now considered a classic.

Descent spawned two sequels and several expansion packs, before becoming a dormant franchise for sixteen years until recently.
Descent gave me motion sickness.
by RampagingBallsack June 3, 2015
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Referring to the infamous staircase descent in chick-flick movies, in which the female lead, usually in slow motion, walks down the staircase, looking totally beautiful, or in mockery, totally ugly, and falls. Generally before a party or school dance. Mocked in several movies, and has been noted in television as well as real life. You know you want it. But you can't have it.
"Her descent was magnificent, and she looked beautiful."
"She had practiced, yet failed at her descent and fell."
"Haha I love the descent part of movies, especially if they fall."
by blubalub August 27, 2009
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The highest form of patriotic, according to teabaggers.
"Remember descent the highest form of patriotic." sic
by Felio May 25, 2009
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a kickass mason-dixon metal band from Louisville, KY.
I went to see Descention at one of the biggest venues in Louisville,KY last night and it was so packed I couldn't move.Descention rocks!
by guitarist502 March 10, 2010
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A mediocre horror movie with plenty of blood, but not enough ass. The basic plot is as follows:

"Hey guys, lets go spelunking....who's this butch that every viewer is going to think is a lesbian, but because it is a below-average movie, we are going to deny them the gratification of seeing girl on girl action deep underground? And wtf.. we're getting chased by mutant miners? Ok i'll buy that.. so apparently, after escapting from the cave, the ghost of my previously wtfpwned daughter suddenly appears in my car! Liek OMG!
Dude.. wtf was with The Descent? A variety of gorgeous females with little time left to live, and none of them decided to cope a feel? What happened to character development?
by Baba Ghanouj December 27, 2006
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