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The highest form of patriotic, according to teabaggers.
"Remember descent the highest form of patriotic." sic
by Felio May 25, 2009

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The web publishing practice, usually on news or blogging sites, where something controversial is written (or a controversial headling is written) that the publisher knows will get a lot of interest from site visitors.

The ultimate goal is that the link will then appear on link aggregating sites (Digg, Fark, StumbleUpon, College Humor, Drudge, etc.), which will bring even more traffic to the site.
"Hey, look at this! 'Gay Preacher Caught Having Sex With Porpoise!'"

"Hah, looks like link baiting to me."
by Felio July 27, 2009

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The act of Double Vaginal penetration on a virgin.
Did you hear Cassandra finally had sex? She got drunk and Peter and Steve gave her a cherry split!
by Felio July 25, 2009

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What proper ladies do instead of vart or queef.
"Did you just queef?"
"Don't be disgusting. That was a snatchwhistle."
by Felio August 08, 2009

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An electrically-charged condom, powered by a battery.
Theresa? I heard her cooter is so loose, she needs a Voltron Nightgown just to get off.
by Felio July 25, 2009

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