..desc has the best transitions in the com
by ..desc June 27, 2021
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DESC ( DOWNTOWN EMERGENCY SERVICE CENTER). IS located in Seattle Washington in the well known area called Homelesville which is a strip between 3rd ave and 2nd ave. Between these streets you can buy any drug under the sun.

There's drunks, transvestites, and even crazy phsyco whores. There are fights every day cops and ambulances are a sight commonly seen there.

But in retrospect there is a good restaurant in Homelesville. Its the commissary kitchen. But if you plan on eating there be sure to bring nose plugs from the stench of the homeless and all the urine smell cause they pee all over the street, the homeless that is.

Friend one: hey let's go eat at the commissary kitchen.

Friend two: OK but we need to wear nose plugs there cause the homeless pee everywhere
Desc is a rotten place infested with bugs
by Lordloxley October 20, 2017
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a man who spams a link that's supposed to crash ios but it doesn't
Bro that desc guy sent a link of a crash gif
by madcausemad March 29, 2020
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