Aka "mr build my MVP". Someone who wants to build an MVP but doesn't know how. Finds things easy but hard. Wants one feature but doesn't want. In his mind he is a hacker but mostly does copy and paste.
Hey, don't pull a Derek and just code.
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by Big Shrimp May 04, 2019
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Sweet, Funny, Kind, My Best Friend, Oh So Amazing, Love Him To Death, Awesome, Caring, Blonde At Times, Crazy, Loser, Just An Amazing Guyβ™₯
Girl: You Know Derek?
Girl Number 2: Who Doesnt
by DevilGurlLove November 05, 2011
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An amazing human being with a great sense of humor and lovely personality. He's super friendly and has a voice as sweet as cake icing. He cares about his friends and is always so happy that you've probably only seen him force a frown. On top of all of that... he can be a bit stupid sometimes.
"Derek is so funny! One time he made he laugh so hard I literally fell on the ground!"
by CAHUGCAHUGgaheeecccc November 21, 2018
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Similar to a douche canoe only more worthless, see also grundle butter.
Dude did you have to work with that tool? He’s such a Derek.
by Bobbie knocker July 11, 2019
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Someone that you hate and love at the same time, it's confusing sometimes
Felicia:He is OK, I guess, but we should I don't know why, I hate him for what he's done, and love him for being just a Derek
by Math for life, guys and girls January 30, 2018
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Is a really nice guy and very playful. He will seem quiet when you first meet him but the more that you talk to him, the more he will break out of his shell . He will most likely date a Samantha , Ashley, or a Diona
Derek is such a nice guy. Maybe Gretchen could date him.☺️
by Yo_ fav ryana February 08, 2020
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