amazingly awesome at everything. Derek is a symbol or being who simply is the best one can possibly be. he once said "so i ask dem, you want ice cream cone? bof of dem say yes! how in de hell?"
He is so good at life that he looks like Derek.
by Sam Schulte February 05, 2007
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A Derek has many positive and negative qualities...

-Appears to be a jackass when first meeting him
-Makes jokes that can cause people to take offense and doesn't lower his voice and often makes these jokes in public
-Obsession with bands like Owl City
-Occasionally doesn't brush his teeth....

-Once you get to know him, he is generous and loving
-Cares about his friends and would do anything for them
-Passionate about the things that matter to him
-Encouraging and honest

So...if you can get past first impressions, a Derek is a life long friend. One tip for all Derek's is to step up and tell the girl you like or love how you feel. Stop being so sensitive and just go for it!
"Dude, I can't believe he just said that!"
"You just don't know him yet. Derek is actually a good guy."
"How can you stick up for someone who tells those kinds of jokes?"
"Well...he's a Derek. Under that jackass surface...there's a real sweet heart. He just doesn't show it at all times.."
"A Derek you say...."
by TEAMDEREK! April 06, 2010
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So cute

Fine body
Quiet laugh
Reserved on the outside and not in the inside
Has relationship issues but only bc no one can measure up to his standards
In search of the perfect girl
If he likes you, don't take advantage of him because you will regret it bc he is perfect
Seriously HOT
When you stand behind him you just imagine wrapping yourself around his perfect body
Cares about everyone, puts everyone else first
Can talk your ear off, only if he chooses
Great in time management, plans everything out
May only take a few showers a week, but who cares, he always smells nice
Drinks milk way too much
Loves Jesus
Literally the guy you dream about spending the rest of your life with
by second_chance October 19, 2013
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A sexy, nerdy looking, built, hot, & smexxy guy who's younger or older than you, but just a year's difference.
lives down your street, and you can't wait to hook up w/ him.
nothing better than a neighboorhood relationship.. it's easier to sneak out at night;)♥
"Damn, look at that sexy ass girl... oh wait, I'd better watch out for Derek" D:
by ishhnishhh April 18, 2011
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Derived from observation of our friend ‘Derek’ guzzling his 3/4 full glass of champagne when he noticed the bottle being passed around for refills. To swallow quickly. It’s not about over consumption or gluttony, but more about the fear of missing out on a drink, particularly champagne.
‘The Bollie’s on the way around, Derek it!’. ‘It’s time to go to the next bar, Derek it!’. ‘Oh, There’s Bollinger on the way around and I’ve just got half a glass of Veuve, quick, Derek it!’
by coffey10-5 October 20, 2019
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Overall an amazing human being. He is so phenomenal and totally rock your world. Never ever let him go. Don't push him away. This guy gives off heavenly light, he will brighten your world. Derek will warm your heart. Be careful with his though. He is sensitive and compassionate and utterly lovely. You may fall in love, be careful.
Person 1: I really miss him.

Person 2: Who... Derek? Yeah man, everyone misses him.
by anthropologiejj December 21, 2016
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Sweet, caring, truthful, and loyal. He's the kind of guy you can't stop thinking about. His eyes and smile will lure you in and then his silliness will steal your heart away from you. Goes best with a Kelsey or an Amanda.
You've been distracted all day, you must have met a Derek last night.
by MylaLola04 September 03, 2012
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