The sweetest, kindest, most beautiful and intelligent boy that walks the earth.
Why can't I ever find a Derek?
by k8o February 02, 2010
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sweetest guy you will ever meet (and also one of the hottest too). one that you should never let go of. can be a bit of an arse and keep you on your toes. but you have to love them for that. also a ladies man
girl 1: Have you spoken to Derek lately?

girl 2:Yeah, he is so sweet. Very cute too
by jettaebony October 25, 2011
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The sweetest, kindest, most generous, most loyal, most trustworthy and hottest man to ever walk this earth. He is the best boyfriend ever and he knows how to treat his girlfriend right. His smile will do a better job at brightening up your day than the sun in the Sahara desert. He's that sexy football player and he's such a hunk. He's very lovable and smart. He's an all around great guy.
Monique's boyfriend Derek is so awesome! She's so lucky. :)
by Monique B October 10, 2013
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A douche that hates science but has a shit certificate from a simple trade school so therefore believes that they are a doctor of medicine.
Just ignore his posts, he’s a Derek.
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 May 02, 2021
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Most amazing, sweet, and understanding guy you will ever know, loved by many, an amazing kisser, and his silliness will pull you in along with his eyes. Keep an eye on this boy because he will stay by your side unless you push him away. He is adventurous and outgoing which helps him keep his body in amazing shape.
Girl 1 : Did you see that guy?
Girl 2: Yuuup I heard he was a Derek, which you know all the girls will be all over him.
by a.r.g1234 October 11, 2011
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Derek, ahhhh hands down the most amazing person to exist. You are my person all the way, Derek although you are your basic Aries you have grown into such a perfect man, the one that I am going to marry to be exact. This year has morphed into what will be forever. 2018 was very rocky we both know that, some situations so tough and usually ones that tear others apart. But not us. We are still standing today and stronger than ever. Happy 1 year Anniversary to you my lovey. Thank you for being everything and so much more than I can ask for. You are always the one there for me through everything and I hope I am that person for you. I wouldn't want to be anywhere in this world with anyone besides you. You were placed in my life at the time you were for a reason, and look at us now we have so much goals together. We both want to get married, grow together, save people and every creature on this planet just as you saved me. You brought me out of a dark time, a time of change a time where I was lost within myself and not only did I find myself but I found me through my bestfriend & my soulmate.
"Omg is that Derek?" "UGHHH just look at him!! He's perfect"
"I am going to marry himmmm."
"Derek? yep thats my bestfriend."
by Miss Madison December 04, 2018
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