"Oh, that's an abscess, that is."
by Stephen W. Thomas October 18, 2004
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A repulsive or destructive person in a comparison to a destructive infection.
He's an oozing adscess on the ass of our company.
by dave L.L. March 9, 2005
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1.A collection of pus formed by tissue destruction in an inflamed area of a localized infection.
2.A cavity that is formed by liquefactive necrosis within solid tissue.
1. To form an abscess.
2. The pus formed an abscess which later turned to yellow crust.
by blammord March 23, 2006
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An inflammation surrounding a concentration of pus. An abscess can occur in various parts of the horse's body, but it is most common in the hoof.
The horse had an abscess that popped, so he could not be ridden.
by e9987070 June 28, 2009
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A rare and majestic creature, native of middle earth. Sedentary in nature, but will make an effort for a good argument. Provoking it will cause a discharge of radioactive taco juice and will transform in a pseudo, Alan from "Hangover 2" looking monkey.
It's evolution is 'Princess Wound'
That bitch! She's such a Princess Abscess
Damn... bitch?
by Dr. Culler January 29, 2021
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A term of endearment, or an insult depending on the usage.
Man, Delaney is such a creamy heel abscess. :/

I love you baby, my little creamy heel abscess
by DavidCassidy February 16, 2021
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