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The trademark auction signal of Storage Wars' Dave Hester. Known to be heard for miles away.

Must be used loudly, and partially inappropriately for maximum effectiveness.
"Hey Mike, is it Rachel's birthday this Saturday?"


"wtf man?"
by Vanilla Iced November 25, 2011
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A nonsense, rallying outburst which has been trademarked by R&B artist Trey Songz.

In a land of generic-sounding, over-produced R&B artists, everyone needs a signature gimmick to differentiate themselves from every other sixpack-and-tattoo-flashing entertainer.
trey songz & hova....yeahhhhh...ain't no love in da heart of da city.... this sounds very sexy trey,usher,& robin can't wait...secret garden that's a classic....luv u trey!!!!!!!!! yuuup!!!!!!!
by butterlobster March 26, 2010
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What Dem Lords Be Sayin All Dah Damn Time
Yeeee Dig?
Nigga: Aye imma Go, Church..

Lord: Iight yuuup, one
by Dat Nigga From Whereva! February 06, 2008
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