A person who constantly feels blue and really low because of a 'certain' situation (read: an asshole of a lover, political issues, a bad break-up) that made them feel that way. These people are known to constantly weep, think a lot, feel miserable all the time and cry themselves to sleep. Their misery is infectious.
I tried giving Sue some advice but it was like one depresso telling another depresso to snap out of it.
by Krypton02 January 28, 2011
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Where your kinda depressed or in your feelings but have no reason to be
Man I wish I can go to that party I’m depresso
by 51004.lexy June 22, 2019
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The fake Spanglish way to say depressed. Makes a depressing sentence become a meme-ish and humorously self-deprecating one.
Wowie I'm muy depresso today

I feel mucho depresso because I had a dream that I got a dog but when I woke up I had approximately zero dogs
by EliBam May 29, 2018
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A double espresso in a normal-sized coffee mug with a lot of vodka.
Picks you up, gets you alert and SLAMS you down again when the vodka hits.
Sue was getting tired but still wanted to get drunk, she asked me what she should order, I said: "Depresso, what else?"
by joeri_poeri November 16, 2017
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The feeling one gets when he or she has run out of coffee and/or has no means of acquiring a caffeine fix.
A severe case of depresso has George borrowing money at the office to buy coffee at lunch.
by ElDumasto June 5, 2013
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A basic white girl who drinks a lot of coffee, listens to billie eilish, and claims to be depressed.
Ugh, Billie Eilish music is so annoying.

Tell that to Miley, she’s a depresso.
by ted bundys long lost cousin August 3, 2020
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One who is mildly depressed but also at the same time has a strong addiction to coffee. Thus they are always depressed and yet also ready to fight God and talk to whales at the same time.
I've had serious depresso since i ran out of coffee and all my loved ones are dead.
by Why Won't These Names Work? February 21, 2018
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