her name is Billie EILISH like eye lish/i lish, NOT ELLISH. get it right next time
hi, i am Billie Eilish
by billieionaire June 10, 2018
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A young talented girl (singer/songwriter). she's slandered for being a famous teenager for openly speaking up about youth mental health. Billie is often misunderstood by many, thinking her only emotions are sadness and "glorifying mental health" in her songs. Some of her fans are 12 year old girls/boys pretending to be depressed and use Billie's songs to somehow "prove" they're depressed (when they're actually not and most likely don't even understand her songs like those white girls happily dancing to songs about gang stuff and drugs on tiktok). People make shit up like she thinks she's "nOt LikE OtHER girLs" because of her oversized clothes but she's made it clear that it's because of personal insecurities and call her untalented while they go n listen to some NBA young boy and marshmallow type shit.
Person: *listens to one fucking Billie Eilish song*
A dumbass self absorbed cunt: EW are you like fake depressed or something?
Person: No?
A dumbass self absorbed cunt: Well then why are you listening to Billie Eli?
Person: Why not? I just think it's catchy it's not that deep man..
by mybigfuckingego February 5, 2021
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Billie Eilish is a 16 year old music artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, She makes music with her brother/best friend Finneas O’conell. They are on tour and have a ep called “don’t smile at me”. Billie Eilish does not have a tune she wants to be everything she can be.
*you should see me in a crown playing*
Friend: who’s that? Sounds dope!
Me: Billie Eilish, she’s amazing.
by A1.mee September 1, 2018
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Billie Eilish is her name not Ellish or Eyelash if you say it wrong her spiders from her ‘you should see me in a crown’ video will come for you. She’s a sexy mofo who i am gay for.
I love Billie Eilish so much i wish she was gay
by Anitahanjab November 2, 2018
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MY BOOBS ARE MADE IF METAL! - Billie Eilish 2k18 (know to sprain ankel the next day)
by saltyeilish July 6, 2018
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Billie Eilish is a singer and song writer or whatever , I wouldn't know because all she ever talks about is usually takis , or how much she loves Tyler the creator and justin Bieber and drake and stuff
by Joshjoshjoshdun December 29, 2017
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