The best New Wave band ever. They are from Basildon, England.

David Gahan, Lead Vocalist
Martin Gore, Primary Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards.
Andrew Fletcher, Management, Occasional Keyboards
Alan Wilder, Producer, Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

They formed in 1981, as a Underground New Wave Group, they rose to fame when they released 2 singles in 1984(People Are People, Master And Servant) and were aquired by Sire Records shortly after. In 1991 they were voted most popular on MTV's Most Wanted Bands of the 80's. Depeche Mode started having trouble when Alan Wilder left in 1995, they released 5 singles from 1997 to 1998 then getting dropped by Sire Records. In 2001, they would be picked up by Reprise/Mute Records and would begin creating music again. It is rumored that Playing the Angel will be their second to last record.
Depeche Mode's Popular Songs:

Master And Servant
Enjoy The Silence
People are People
Shake The Disease
Policy of Truth
It's No Good
The World in my Eyes
A Question of Lust
I Feel You
Never Let Me Down Again
But Not Tonight
Death's Door
Personal Jesus
Just Can't Get Enough
Walking In My Shoes
by tWiSTeDWiLeDaNdSiCK November 14, 2005
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The band responsible for making goth/synth pop accessible, not by making it by any means 'accessible' but just really releasing well-crafted music that was filled with a beautiful emotion... Gore's music and Gahan's vocals are worthy of praise.
DM pioneered the dark side of synth pop to the masses.
by oriya June 1, 2005
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Man Depeche Mode kicks the ass of most of this so-called music they make now.
by Hexenhammer November 3, 2009
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A superlative synth band that started in the 80's New Wave era. Their first release was Speak & Spell, which was mostly authored by ex-band member Vince Clark. He left the group to form Yaz, leaving Martin L. Gore to become Depeche Mode's main songwriter for their second and future releases. That is until 2005's Playing the Angel, which had three songs written by lead singer Dave Gahan.

Current members:
Andy Fletcher
Dave Gahan
Martin L. Gore

Ex-band members:
Vince Clark
The beautiful and talented Alan Wilder.

My fave songs from some DM albums (favorites for now, but they constantly change, DM albums are that good):

Playing the Angel: Suffer Well
Exciter: Goodnight Lovers
Ultra: Home
Songs of Faith and Devotion: In Your Room
Violator: Waiting for the Night
101: Stripped
Music For the Masses: Never Let Me Down Again
Black Celebration: But Not Tonight
Catching up w/ DM: Shake the Disease
Some Great Reward: Something to Do
People are People: Leave in Silence
Construction Time Again: Told You So
A Broken Frame: My Secret Garden
Speak & Spell: Tora! Tora! Tora!

Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode is a great band that puts out great albums.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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1. An electronica band from the 80s.
2. An embarrassing thing to say in a restaurant.
1. "Dude, where were you last night? We were teasing out our hair."
"I teased my hair at the Depeche Mode concert."

2. "How would you like your pie?"
"Depeche Mode, please."
by T. Barr March 22, 2009
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Depeche Mode is the name of an English Synth pop band.
The literal translation of Depeche Mode is "Fast Fashion," but the name of the French magazine that they took it from meant "Fashion Dispatch."
"Did you hear the new Depeche Mode cd yet?"
"Yes, I downloaded it for free but I'm going to buy the special edition also because they're cool like that and bands make all their money from their $75 shows anyhow. By the way, where was the drummer and Alan Wilder?"
by d3p3ch3mod3 October 8, 2007
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Awesome band with a lot of hits, and rightfully so. Their songs range from the bright, poppy sound of Just Can't Get Enough or New Life to the dark, dreary sound of Fly on the Windscreen or Black Celebration
shut up that rap and put some depeche mode on
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