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Mostly known as Dave Gahan, lead singer and co-songwriter of Depeche Mode (or DM), one of the greatest bands ever.

Dave Gahan
Depeche Mode lead singer/co-songwriter
Personal Jesus
Sexy Man
Depeche Mode
David Gahan is also known as Dave Gahan, but I personally love the name David the most. But a David by any other name is still Dave Gahan.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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Dave Gahan. Formerly known as a lead singer only, but on Playing the Angel (2005 album) he penned three superlative songs: Suffer Well; I Want it All; and Nothing's Impossible, along with Martin L. Gore's always painfully beautiful songs.
Dave Gahan also released his first solo album, Paper Monsters, in 2003. Highly recommended if you are a true DM or Dave fan.

Dave Gahan
David Gahan
Sexy Man
Personal Jesus
Martin L. Gore
The Depeche Mode lead singer/co-songwriter is Dave Gahan. Martin L. Gore is also equally talented because he is also in Depeche Mode. He is DM's lead songwriter and co-singer. That's why I love Depeche Mode a lot.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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by Stella Luna April 2, 2009
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A superlative synth band that started in the 80's New Wave era. Their first release was Speak & Spell, which was mostly authored by ex-band member Vince Clark. He left the group to form Yaz, leaving Martin L. Gore to become Depeche Mode's main songwriter for their second and future releases. That is until 2005's Playing the Angel, which had three songs written by lead singer Dave Gahan.

Current members:
Andy Fletcher
Dave Gahan
Martin L. Gore

Ex-band members:
Vince Clark
The beautiful and talented Alan Wilder.

My fave songs from some DM albums (favorites for now, but they constantly change, DM albums are that good):

Playing the Angel: Suffer Well
Exciter: Goodnight Lovers
Ultra: Home
Songs of Faith and Devotion: In Your Room
Violator: Waiting for the Night
101: Stripped
Music For the Masses: Never Let Me Down Again
Black Celebration: But Not Tonight
Catching up w/ DM: Shake the Disease
Some Great Reward: Something to Do
People are People: Leave in Silence
Construction Time Again: Told You So
A Broken Frame: My Secret Garden
Speak & Spell: Tora! Tora! Tora!

Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode is a great band that puts out great albums.
by Stella Luna January 23, 2006
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