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Cool MO'FO!!, a smart thinker, baller and career oriented
Man, you're ballin like there's no tommorrow huh? you pullin a Deo?
by Deo April 09, 2006
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A term created by GEORGE THE CREATOR. Abbreviation of deodorant. Mainly used and known in Doncaster region
Oi chuck us the DEO bruv
by GEORGETHECREATOR September 04, 2016
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buy the domain for your art site
1: "Dude that guy's totally having a seizure!"
"Should I take a deo?"
2: "I saw that deo where you shit your pants Hotchkuss."
by Jakeafee May 18, 2011
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Deep East Oakland

anywhere from 70th - Sobrante Park (100's) in East Oakland, CA . Most males in Deep East Oakland use the word Mobb, because it originated there.
1: Where you from.?
2; im from DEO mayne.
1: Thats wassup, im from the deep east too.
by Ra$k. August 23, 2010
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It stands for Defining Expression of Sound. DEOS is an accessory for Apple earphones.
I want my DEOS
by Sassy5855 June 22, 2009
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Jattiest Jatt of them all. Whenever you see this last name everyone gets scared and fears for their lives. They are Hart’s from Punjab in Pakistan and Indian and are hardcore gangsters.
“Who’s the guy driving all those expensive cars?” “ he’s prolly a deo jatt

“Who’s that on the jatt di trolley” “a jatt”
by Deojatt May 21, 2018
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