DEO or Department of Economic Opportunity is a government organization in the state of Florida. Where the governor with the aid of his appointment secretary collect unemployment money and PUA benefits that have been assigned to claimants by higher branches of government. And manage to keep it by funneling it for the governors agenda, for example running a presidential campaign etc. Nobody knows exactly how the DEO system works, but one things that everyone knows, is that is chaotic. Gets "hacked" frequently and claimants loose their benefits.
Claimant: "I can't log in to collect my unemployment, I have to pay rent and DEO locket my account"
DEO "sir, you need to wait your turn. Right now we are letting a hacker steal all the money for Desantis campaign. Go get a job!"
by Jay Maniak July 27, 2021
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A Group of niggas online from age 13 - 23 who all watch a nigga name BruceDropEmOff on Twitch/Youtube.

These niggas will act hard online and say the most unheard of homosexual jokes all in the same chat.

If you come in contact with a "Deo Demon/ DEOmen" do not be afraid They are harmless alone. Their foul odor will startle you due to the unatural stench but They're weakness is Women and shower. They are deathly afraid of both.

I Myself Am A Non Bathing woman hating DEO member and I'm proud of it ✊🏽🌈
*Instagram GC *


RANDOM Nigga: "Stfu bro"

DEO nigga: "Bro aint you the nigga who dated leek?"

Random nigga: Who is lee-

by IG: 813._KIDDD March 9, 2021
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Deo mean Drop em off and the average doboy looks like the rock
You in Deo Twin?
by BruceDropEmOff July 5, 2021
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Deo is a great organization that has been created by a gay leader called Raymond/Brucedropemoff, DEO has been going on since the year 2015 where he started recruiting kids and 40+ yr old men.
WARNING WARNING..............
they don't like girls BEWARE
"you the gay dude from DEO" , Yes sir that is me
by Realone510 September 15, 2020
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DEO isn’t a gang, DEO isn’t a family it’s DEO. We are changing the game and growing by the second. DEO for life
by osamabinpatrick_ October 8, 2020
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Deep East Oakland

anywhere from 70th - Sobrante Park (100's) in East Oakland, CA . Most males in Deep East Oakland use the word Mobb, because it originated there.
1: Where you from.?
2; im from DEO mayne.
1: Thats wassup, im from the deep east too.
by Ra$k. August 23, 2010
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A term created by GEORGE THE CREATOR. Abbreviation of deodorant. Mainly used and known in Doncaster region
Oi chuck us the DEO bruv
by GEORGETHECREATOR February 22, 2016
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