Jatts are the landowning class in Punjab (India as well as Pakistan). And everyone who says jatts are "hardcore gangstas" does not know shit. Jatts do not go out looking for trouble, but they ARE warriors. Jatts differ from tarkhans, who are a bit lower in the "caste system". Also, jatts in UK/US are also very hardworking people. Most drive cabs/trucks, but usually they end up making a lot of money and buy several gas stations/subways. Other than that, if you see a jatt, holler at him.
White tourist - Who is that guy drving the tractor.
Me - Why thats a jatt you stupid arrogant cracker.

Redneck - hey why dont you go back to yer country you cab driving turbanhead

*Jatt runs over the redneck with his cab*

by deoljatt October 27, 2006
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"A Jatt is , simply put, a punjabi Farmer." Is absolute bullshit, Jatts are around 50% of the indian army, We are warriors, farmers, and family men.
Damn that jatt is krazy.
by Noor March 1, 2005
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It's unbelievable what people put on here. Instead of reading such nonsense about Jatts people should try reading and learning more about Jatts from elsewhere.

Traditionally Jatts are farmers from Punjab. The put themselves at the top of the caste system because they are the majority caste in Sikhism and have leaders in powerful positions.

I have no problem with Jatts - i do have a problem with people claiming Jatts are 'thugs', these people are oblivious to their own history and should try learning more instead of disrespecting their own religion and other people.
Jatts, Jatt, Jatti, jatt's, sikhism
by Thierry1 April 20, 2006
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Simply put a "jatt" is a farmer. They is a proud group of people who originally inhabited northern india. During the Islamic oppression and rule over india, the fought for the freedom da motherland from muslim rule. Most of the defs on this site are bull shit, except for "EpC 2, Feb 5, 2005".

Its all good ta be proud of being a "jatt". But dont try too hard to glorify it, unless ofcourse your self-councious or yall got something ta prove. Jatts are proud people, but so are all indians. Jai Hind.
Damm yo dat jatti shorti got one fine ass booty.
by JaiHind February 16, 2005
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JaTTz. Jatts are often hated by those who are unfortunate to be JaTT. JaTT is not a caste, but more of a race. More specifically these JaTT roots trace back to Aryan and Syncthian races. Jatts in comparison are modern day Blacks. They are often idolized, as a result mass number of haters and wannabez are born. JaTTz often lay the smack it down to any motherfucka that comes there way without a thought. Panchod ik gaal kadi, Jatt ney bara gallahn kadh nee ah...You can bring a whole fuckin' fauj (army), a Jatt will still fight by himself. There are mass haters of JaTTz. Why the hatred? Its quite simple, who wouldn't want to be a JaTT. If you haven't noticed, mostly every punjabi song contains the phrase "JaTT" this or "JaTT" that.
Kacherian Ch Mele Lag De, Jado Pehn Di Ah Tarikh Kisay JaTT Di.
by Sher Punjab Da August 14, 2005
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hardcore gangstas that will fuck u up and pop u in a second-dont fuck w/a jatt unless u wanna get fucked up...hardcore jattis get the same respect. no sulas, no pussies, no churas....straight jatt style
that pussy & his homiez was talkin shit so a bunch of jatt boyz jumped his ass
by sh0rty February 9, 2005
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Member of elite community in Punjab(India). Jatts are famous for their audicity,reckless and carefree life.
Damn! He was acting like a jatt totally impudent.
by Manpreet Grewal (Punjab) January 24, 2004
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