A matriarch. I woman of substance that knows how to sweat blood to survive. Easily manipulated due to her good and caring nature. This lady can socialize with anyone. She is the life-line of her family and a protector. She always has time to listen, and is a shoulder to cry on. Although emotionally confined, she dreams big and enriches herself with whatever resources are available. Always willing to embark on an adventure and push through her boundaries. This undaunted gal is blind to limits and carries the world bravely on her shoulders. Life does not get her down. She's a homemaker and excels at crafts. A sturdy, headstrong, and unrelenting person. Resourceful at every opportunity and a fighter, Denise never ceases to amaze. Easy to call friend with a heart of pure gold. Earthy materials do not matter to a Denise, kindness and gratitude are her rewards. This is a peace loving soul who wishes well on all. Keep her close, she's a great companion.
If all the world could know a Denise, how perfect life would be
by The Noogie June 27, 2019
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Denise is a very smart, sexy girl who can be very emotional at times. Denise tends to care about people ALOT. That is, until they back stab her😅. Denise is fun to be around, likes to joke around alot. But when it is time to get down to business, she get's down. Denise is often described as a beautiful and hyperactive. Denise loves to hang out with guys because girls can be b***hes! When Denise lands in a relationship that she loves, whether it be friends or a boyfriend, she puts in her heart and soul into it. She can be very sensitive yet very rude😂. But we all love Denise!
"Yo. I'm bored. What should we do bro?"
"We could go hang at Denise's. She has video games and everything!"
"She's dope"
by zezebubbles October 16, 2019
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A beautiful woman. Very athletic and flexible. She had a amazing personality and is very peaceful. She is a great girlfriend. Denise's are also loyal and reliable. They are very thoughtful. Always give never take. They often get their heart broken. They deal with alot but always manage to get through it by their selves. They are very independent and sexy. Also great in bed !
If you've been hurt. Call Denise, she can heal your pain and always be there for you
by Im_Inlove December 24, 2014
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Denises Are Gorgeous, Flawless, and Will Always Be By Your Side. Denises aren't the types of people to Turn their backs on you. Denises are normally otakus, some love horror, and most love comedies. They're Romantic, comedic, and their curves are flawless in every way. They normally have silky, brown hair, and gorgeous, shimmering brown eyes, If you know a Denise, well, you're in for luck, and if you happen to be a boy, and have a girl in your town/class, well then, you better make your move ASAP! Denises can be very popular, and since they are gorgeous, many guys tend to ask them out, and you may be a lucky one!
Wow. Look at Denise, she is looking gorgeous today. Not that she never is. ;)
by Suzuya Juuzou // An Otaku:) September 10, 2017
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The type of girl who will inevitably allure you with her presence. She'll say take a seat "i have something to tell you"...she knows what she wants. True beauty both inside and out, the woman you want by your side. Lush lips, a captivating presence, wise beyond imagination. She will help you sing the blues, she's the gatekeeper of your soul, and luxurious in a way only she can be. Beautiful eyes, so sexy in a dress, no convincing needed, she's all yours. Even though at times the tangible luxury is non existent, she has already touched you in a way like no other. She knows who she is...
"I can't help falling in love with Denise, in fact i did a urban dictionary entry just to tell her so."
by yeahimacheeseball April 8, 2013
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The name of a kind hearted person with a generous soul
You should have been named Denise instead of Pat
by Bobby Phillip June 10, 2017
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Denise is a loving, caring person. She is passionate about what she wants and will do what it takes to get it. She is not scared to adress a problem or stand up for herself, unless its dumb, then she won’t. If you have a Denise, make sure you stay her friend, because she will cut off anyone. In a heartbeat! 😂😂💯
Did you see Denise stand up for herself like that?

Denise is soo nice to people. 💕
by Official.kaardiizy September 23, 2018
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