Best. Little brother. Ever.

Is smart, athletic, crazy and sarcastic. He can work a 14 hour day, come home covered head-to-toe in dirt and grease and still be the one to make *you* smile.

Can rock climb, hike, swim, work, drive trucks, and crack sarcastic jokes circles around pretty much everybody else; but can still be down to earth and have really great, deep conversations.

Is seriously athletic/ ripped.

Has a posse of teenage girls with crushes on him following him around.

Is always there to make you smile or laugh when you need it most.
Gives awesome hugs.

Makes your life better.
" Hey, how was your day?"
" It was *really* rough.. but it got better toward the end. Apparently Denin got wind of it, so he stopped by on his way from work just to say 'hi' give me a hug."
" Wow, that's really awesome."
"Yeah, he's pretty much amazing like that."
by Lilygrl September 11, 2013
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