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The first album from Phase Two of the hip-hop/reggae/everything else band, Gorillaz. While it is indeed the fourth album released from them, it's the second to feature brand new songs from their new artistic style (both musical and drawn). After a five year hiatus, Demon Days contains many new and superb songs, including singles Feel Good Inc., Dare, and (later) El Mañana. This album was produced by the prestigious DJ Dangermouse, who is responsible for mixing The Grey Album. B-Sides to Demon Days are already here, with more on their way.
Henry: Man, that new Gorilllaz album Demon Days sure makes me Feel Good....Inc. Hehehe.

Jake:...Shut up.
by billybelmont May 07, 2006
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The amazing second album released by cartoon band Gorillaz. Included the singles 'Feel Good Inc.' and Dare, and 13 other great tracks. Buy now.
Jane: So yeah I just got Demon Days and it's so great.
Paul: Oh. I haven't got that.
Jane: That's because you suck.
by Hayley Hogsworth July 29, 2005
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While many believe this to be the second album by Gorillaz, there were actually two other albums released in between the time from the first album's release, and Demon Days. First there was G-sides, which is a collection of extra tracks and b-sides, and then there was Lakia Come Home, which was a collaberation between the Spacemonkeys and Gorillaz.
Kid: "omgs liek haev u herd teh new gorillaz albmu demon days?"
Person: "yeah it's pretty cool, I still like G-sides better though."
Kid: "wuts g-siedz?"
Person: "The second Gorillaz album, biznatch!"
by Saint Erotic December 14, 2005
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The second album by the gorillaz. It will include the popluar song "feel good inc"
It will be the second of three albums be the gorillaz.
The gorillaz are pwn joo!!!!
they're only gonna make three albums :(
by Mdemon9991 April 09, 2005
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The first corprate album of a formerly decent band.

They act as if they are rebellious against "false celebrities" but yet their album "Demon Days" is the biggest money-making, over-rated, corporate crap I have ever witnessed.

They do commercials for iPod, go on tours, perform at the Grammys, play their videos on MTV and somehow believe they are goth and rebellious!
It took the Whoreillaz three albums before they made Demon Days and turned corporate. What whores!
by Arafat Lives! May 06, 2006
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