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How you present yourself in the meeting of a new person.

Most people look back on these and wish they'd made a better one.
"Jesus fucking Christ, Kate, you should've told me your parents would be there. I would have worn more suitable clothes to give them a good first impression... You really fucked up my evening."
by Hayley Hogsworth December 30, 2005
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The wrong way to spell MSN Messenger.
Often used by idiots.
"OMG!!! Im cummin on msn messanger in a sec!!!1"
by Hayley Hogsworth December 10, 2005
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When one pretends to sleep for any reason, possibly so they don't have to do something, to get attention, or to find out gossip and secrets. Very useful for finding out information you might not be supposed to know.
Penny: No no, it's ok, Andrew's sleeping.
Jenny: Ok.. Well, I really like Andrew's dad, he's really sexy.
Penny: Cool. I think I might have a thing for my Uncle... Probably just a phase!
Jenny: God Penny! Andrew's not really sleeping!
by Hayley Hogsworth July 30, 2005
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The amazing second album released by cartoon band Gorillaz. Included the singles 'Feel Good Inc.' and Dare, and 13 other great tracks. Buy now.
Jane: So yeah I just got Demon Days and it's so great.
Paul: Oh. I haven't got that.
Jane: That's because you suck.
by Hayley Hogsworth July 29, 2005
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Gorillaz is an animated band, consisting of four animated character. These characters - despite what others may claim - do not represent any real people.
There's lead singer 2D, who also does keyboard; Russel Hobbs, who plays drums/percussion; Murdoc Niccals, the Satanist who plays Bass, and Noodle who mainly plays guitar, but can often be found doing some singing (voice changes between first album and second album).
Gorillaz have so far released 2 albums, one self-titled album, and the most popular one named 'Demon Days'. They have also released one B-sides album named 'G-sides', and one remix album named 'Laika Come Home' (remixed by Spacemonkeyz).
The two founders of Gorillaz are Blur frontman Damon Albarn, and comic book artist and designer, Jamie Hewlett (best known for creating Tank Girl). Damon does the voice of character 2D. Again, 2D doesn't really represent Damon, but it has been said that he is similar in ways or a younger, more naive version of him.
The first self-titled album was produced by Dan the Automator, and Del tha Funkee Homosapien appeared in two singles, 'Rock the House' and the more well-known 'Clint Eastwood'. The cartoon for Del is the only cartoon in Gorillaz that actually represents a real person, but on the other hand, Del is not a permanent character as he only stayed for the first album.
By the second album, 'Demon Days', Gorillaz artwork became darker and more detailed. There was also a new producer, DJ Danger Mouse, and Del had left. Noodle's voice was done by Rosie Wilson on the UK #1 single 'Dare'. Demon Days became Gorillaz most sucessful Album to date.
Zoe: Guys who like Gorillaz get me horny.
Tom: I love Gorillaz.
by Hayley Hogsworth December 26, 2005
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What someone will say when someone else has been insulted or shamed in some way.
Atleast 4 people were screeching 'Tret!!!' when Adam called Nathan a big piece of shit.
by Hayley Hogsworth March 31, 2006
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