Mental thoughts forms that occupy a intangible space only Psychics can see. These thoughts forms grow & feed off negative thoughts you vibrate when you think them.
This space that human share w/ these type of thought forms are by invitation or vibration alone.
People who do heavy drugs like Meth are literally creating an open door πŸšͺ to any Demon in the near by vicinity .

The intangible space wear Demons resideis as real as the space where your WiFi lives. Just bc you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there.
by Coolcandle September 13, 2019
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A creature of the night without a soul many different kinds of demons exist, some are poisoned, huma hybrids such as vampires others are pure demon, sent into hell demensions at the dawn of human time. pure demons are the biggest, theyre stronger and eviler than others, many ancient and lost texts speak of such demons but they have been lost of centuries, and written in lost languages such as samarian and tulak, many can only be killed in a specific way such as drowning or a stake through the heart. Many demons are worshipped by people.
She was a demon, she killed him
by White Wicca March 13, 2004
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Originally, a demon isn't the red-skinned, evil, almost pop-culture seeming, horned beast that religions like Christianity has made it today. In Greek mythology, the word "demon" derives from the word Greek word "daimon" which essentially means that it's a godlike creature (If not a god on its own). Daimons served as a type of messenger to the Gods as a means of communication with the humans. An example of a common daimon messenger in Greek mythology is the Satyr.
Man, don't you hate when people think that demons are a Christian thing exclusively?
by DankMemeConnoisseur April 22, 2015
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When wrestlers use the term 'demons', it generally means that they've got a drug abuse problem, or some other type of shady activity that they wouldn't talk about in public.
Razor Ramon is out for the next six months, fighting his demons.
by SHOH December 17, 2004
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beings of great power with great abilitys, speed, strength, stamina,agility and edurance. japanese word for demon being youkai
inuyasha is a demon, sesshoumaru is also a demon
by colbung August 26, 2006
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the obnoxiously large and extremely unenjoyable peppercorns found in the salami on an Italian sandwich
demon diving
Dammit I burned my mouth on another one of those frigging demons!
by YobiYo May 31, 2011
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