A mark against a person's record because of an offense.
"My first class is biology. I can't find it and get my first demerit

for wandering the hall"
by KingOfGaming October 15, 2014
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demerit points are lost when a driving offense is committed. ie. speeding, driving through a red light camera, drink driving etc.

But in a colloquial context, that of V plates, they refer to other sexual acts that have been committed (apart from the big one). comparable to 'the bases' or 'scoring'.
1:"Do you still have your V plates?"
2:"Yeah, but i've lost a couple of demerit points tho... ;) "
by tehlia November 08, 2010
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Words yet to be uttered by the true master, but currently are shared with enjoyment between memers.

The ‘oh’ part shows the enthusiasm that will go into this phase, and ‘always’ shows it happens often.
Person 1: ‘Oh, I always get yummy demerits!
Person 2: Haha, nice one! I wonder when our true master will give in and utter them...
Person 1: agreed.
by .Mega October 19, 2019
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