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A connotation of the term "douchebag", using the abbreviation "DB", derived from the phonetic alphabet definition for:

D: Delta
B: Bravo

ultimately resulting in calling said person a douchebag.

Can also be used to covertly refer to someone as a douchebag in a setting where uttering the term loudly would be prohibited and/or not appreciated; used to call individual face to face without them realizing the ramifications and to cause others of your group to laugh at the person incessantly, because they do not understand what it means.
1.Milton: Hey look, that guy is wearing a Green Day T-shirt.
Ronnie: Wow, what a delta bravo.

2.Ryan: Hey everyone, I wore a tomato head afro and I'll win crazy hair day!
Will: You are a true delta bravo.
by mattp1 December 06, 2007
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In short means Douche Bag

somethin police, fire, ER personnal use to label a type of person based on their behavior
When talking amongst your fellow peers in the professions listed above "Yeah we got a definate delta bravo on our hands" or just nodding and saying "delta bravo" to your peer says it all
by Gnarl Karl May 17, 2007
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delta bravos (or d.b.'s) is a military term for "dick beaters," or hands, as the hands are often used to play with one's peter. often used when some ass-clown puts their grubby paws on some of your shit (property).
"hey! get your fucking delta bravo's off my frigging beer!"
by gofuk yerself November 14, 2005
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A superficial, self-absorbed primate who's sole intent in life is to look at himself with incredible awe, and bask in his own shining glory. Typically a Delta Bravo can be seen hanging out at Ambercrombie & Fitch with his "Bro's," calling everyone dude, talking about the 'chick' that he scored with in the locker room last night and how he thought she was chubby for an anorexic, and constantly misusing the word 'literally.' Approach with extreme caution; a Delta Bravo is extremely aggressive toward any male whom it sees a a challenge to his own magnificence, toward any male that he sees as inferior, or any woman in general, whom they immediately judge and objectify or devalue because she's not attractive enough. The oldest living specimen of a Delta Bravo is Mike Jeffries, CEO of A&F, who's sole purpose in life is to fill his store with only attractive, skinny, cool people, so he can further the culture of objectification.
"Do you see that pack of Delta Bravo's over there? I just heard one of them complain that he had to drive his Dad's BMW because his Porsche is in the shop."
by Priest81 May 08, 2013
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Daytona Beach, Florida the Redneck Rivera. Worst place in America to find a girl. Huge pilot/military population hence the phonetic alphabet. Sometimes called "the delta b"
Dude 1: Where you going for leave?
Dude 2: Thinking about rolling down to the Delta Bravo for old times!
Dude 1: For real have a cold one at the Ocean Deck or Berncastles for me
Dude 2: Berncastles closed years ago... Are you still living in the era of dating Mainland chicks?
by Riddlerat2k2 May 09, 2007
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A term that absolutely nobody in the military uses. Supposed to be mean 'Dick beater/ Douchebag' as coined by American teeny-boppers trying to appear more squaddie than the average civvie.
Spam Civvie: 'I hate Delta Bravos lols'
Squaddie: ...
by Westy444244 September 01, 2012
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