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A connotation of the term "douchebag", using the abbreviation "DB", derived from the phonetic alphabet definition for:

D: Delta
B: Bravo

ultimately resulting in calling said person a douchebag.

Can also be used to covertly refer to someone as a douchebag in a setting where uttering the term loudly would be prohibited and/or not appreciated; used to call individual face to face without them realizing the ramifications and to cause others of your group to laugh at the person incessantly, because they do not understand what it means.
1.Milton: Hey look, that guy is wearing a Green Day T-shirt.
Ronnie: Wow, what a delta bravo.

2.Ryan: Hey everyone, I wore a tomato head afro and I'll win crazy hair day!
Will: You are a true delta bravo.
by mattp1 December 06, 2007

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