A saavy,highly intelligent and sexy woman. She has many friends and is a devoted mate. She is nurturing and very confident. Rooms light up when she enters them. She is flirtatious and always makes people feel good about themselves. She gives 100 percent in all she does and has a great sense of humor She is loved and wanted by many. She also rules the dance floor.
I just love that Delores, she always makes me smile!
by nicenurse February 3, 2010
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1 disgusting stupid fucking cunt
2 Jesus freak
3 inhuman bodu fat and ugly
4 selifish greedy slut
by seliste1 July 4, 2010
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FABULOUS! DELICIOUS! GLAMOROUS, and everything in between.
1.You are lookin so Delore Gurllll!! Those nails are mad Delore!

2. That guy is so Delore, I want to take a bite.
by Axeman & Squiggs June 20, 2011
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a rare name and a rare person. Pretty, sexy, intelligent, excellent social skills, self-confident and much more,
he is someone who prefers others to himself. He loves to make others happy and to do everything for others, although he doesn't care how he is. However, he needs people who show him affection because he gets his energy from these people.
by tgodod November 21, 2021
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Delores Lane is a private singer. She has currently made 1 song as of summer of 2023. Her 1 song is named "Yellow Spots", it has no meaning whatsoever, she's just doing it for fun.
I love Delores Lane!
by babyboomerchild100 September 15, 2023
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A golden Delores is the act of allowing a woman to urinate on your entire body, specifically a woman over the age of 65, after which, she also wrings out her adult diaper on you
Scott hates going to his grandmothers house for the holidays because she always tries to give him a Golden Delores.
by Thethreemustakeers33 May 5, 2016
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A Nickname given to a truly awesome lady. One that refuses a single shot of liquor can outdrink anyone in the room pouring double shots until she’s the last one standing.

This unique lady is a friend of all friends. If she calls you a friend she will go to the ends of the earth for you and back. She will love you with her heart, soul and being. She only deserves the best of best friends in return.

She is always quick to give a hand at whatever you may be doing, whether it’s digging a ditch or baking a pie. That is of course, if someone’s got a bottle, a shot glass and are willing to throw two shots down with her.
Do you know why Gil is down and out? Yeah he’s missing Double Shot Delores and is worried she’s disowned him
by Mind_surgeon March 28, 2023
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