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A nick-name or "Pet-Name" that some use to refer to, or to call, their boyfriend/girlfriend.
"I love you so much Punkin"
"Dude, I love Stevi, she's my Punkin"
by Kellen S. July 12, 2006
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An annoying slang term for "pumpkin". People say it all the time because they're too lazy to actually pronounce all the syllables in "pumpkin".
Her: I love eating punkin pie.
Him: Stop saying 'punkin'. It's not 'punkin', it's 'pumpkin'.
by kdepa November 27, 2006
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Yo-yo check it bro I been punkin little Stevie out for the last week.
by DirtySouthFL December 21, 2015
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awesome, uber cool, The highest state of coolness. Only to be used by Punks or Stoners
Dude, that dealy bopper is so punkin'
by EvlBloodyMary March 24, 2003
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