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Delli, derived from the word delicious. Used to describe something so delicious that it stimulates the human body making it impossible to say the full word.
Dellied can also be used to describe the stimulation or erousal effect caused by the Delli itself.
-Dam girl/boy you are Delli.
-That fish pie Mrs Tool was so Delli that I think I have an erection.
-This chocolate cake is so Delli that Im going to finish it in the bathroom.
-WOW!! That girl/boy is so Delli that I've got Dellied.
-That cow has got me Dellied.
-Oh no said Tom, I've got Dellied in the middle of class. I hope no one sees it sticking up.
by ryancrispy August 07, 2006
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a racist fag who used to be fat but got skinny and buff so insults everyone. has huge ears
no body likes him, he's just another delli.
by shaniqua October 06, 2003
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