Dela is your dream girl. She's shy but at times can be wild and fun. Her eyes define her beauty. She loves to make new friends and go on new adventures. All though she's caring and loving, she could be very pessimistic and crazy but that's why you love her.
Damn that girl Dela is the girl of my dreams.

Have you seen that beautiful chick Dela?
by NessaaTooCute March 14, 2017
Someone who licks gooch for cash or just for the fun of it.
Guy 1:Hey have you heard about the new cashier vic?

Guy 2: What about him?

Guy 1: I heard he's a dela.

Guy 2: Yeah I think that's how he got hired.
by Gooch_made November 30, 2009
I was trying to talk about East Coweta with him, but he's dela.
by Sacklett August 11, 2016
The second derivative meanin, "God" all shuld bow down before and worship, even the Godless for there iz only 1,
by The Godless September 24, 2003
interjective that is placed at the end of sentences when speaking Mandarin. Use started by Taiwan aboriginals and made its way to the youth culture.
Gei wo mijiu dela!
(Give me rice wine!)
by Ben H September 17, 2003
Melanie is one absolutely stunning girl. She is known for that glowing smile, and a brain that can change that can change the world. Any guy who sees her will most likely fall in love with her - she is sensational. She will someday be known for doing good action within the world and will always make people happy. Melanie is a girl with olive skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes and sexy legs. Once you get a hold of Melanie Dela don't let her go. You will regret it for the rest of your life.
"Oh My Goodness! Melanie Dela did you say? she is just inspirational!"
by zoe grace July 16, 2016