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The practice of wearing a beanie, usually too long, on the back half of the head. Because, you know, actually keeping your head warm is too mainstream. Can be spotted year-round, often at bad local coffee shops.
Dude, did you see that dude wearing a hipster hat back there? LATFH, breh.
by That one other OTHER guy June 25, 2011

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Literally meaning "Of the Taco". Used to describe a decision made for, well, the promise of pussy.
Dude one: Hey, is Chad coming to our party?
Dude two: Nah, he's going to Kate's house.
Dude one: That's so Del Taco
by That one other OTHER guy February 11, 2011

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(v.) Unvoluntary muscle spams and re-adjustments arising from anxiousness. Somewhere between "twitch" and "fidget". Most commonly seen as the result of a dead cell phone.

Alt forms: Twigett (n.), Twigetter (n.), Twigetty (adj.)
Roger: Neil, stop twigetting! You don't need to Snapchat me eating a plate of tacos.
by That one other OTHER guy April 15, 2016

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