Guy1: recieved an order of dejectable french fries.

Guy2: laughed at Shawn's order of dejectable fries.
by SRODKING April 28, 2009
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John was dejected after his friend stopped talking to him.
by Photonbeam September 20, 2019
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she meant rejected...
asslee: lucky i didn't deject you!!!
deeeezy: pfffft u mean reject???
by owndbydha December 18, 2008
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Word or Phrase that is so profane, racist, or graphic that even Urban Dictionary refuses to publish it. Something that overly offends an Urban Dictionary editor, which is hard to do.
Yo, Shaniqwa, you think Urban Dictionary 'll publish this here word: nigezbopussyooze?

No, Kuzabia, that ugly word gonna get Urban Dejected, you know how those people is.
by Ricardovitz March 13, 2012
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dejection faced by those whose words are continuously rejected by for the word the day
The rejection of my brain child, 'testickles', by the editors of urban dictionary gave me a strong case of urban dejection.
by ECGirls September 7, 2010
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what you feel when your party/candidates didn't win
being a liberal is SC is a lesson in election dejection
by moonmade November 3, 2010
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