When you have an irregular sleeping schedule and you are consistently awake during the early hours of the morning.
Damn! you're up at degen hours right now...
by ThiccestApe January 27, 2022
An insult used by virgins to insult A group of gay men who worship a big tiddy streamer. This group of men are usually quite rude
Chris: you are a bunch of degens

Frein: chile no one asked

Xain: ugh the degens are at it again
by Breadpussy September 21, 2020
To temporarily become a degenerate due to partaking in gambling activity in the attempt to regenerate some will to live.
Dude, I'm totally fucking broke and a pathetic waste of life. Think it's time to degen to regen
by fullyregened100 December 18, 2018
When a defi ape takes into account planetary regeneration while trading crypto.
Did you see Vitalik moved all of his assets into a carbon pool? This guy just went straight Degen to regen.
by defiape January 25, 2022
Short for degenerate faggot. This is a more controversial form of homosexuality in which the whole emphasis of it is based around the inability to land a female. Such as being too socially incompetent ,unable to properly care for their own health/body properly or just becoming to desperate to attempt it with females. Degen fags are often shamed and harassed for their desperate take on homosexuality rather than a more standard homophilic approach thus leading to the belief of homophobia being the reasons for this. Common characteristics, but not mandatory to the degen fag category is that they feel attracted to females body but not their personality. They don’t find med physically attractive but their equally gendered mind makes them more suitable for sex and partnership to degen fags. An exception is usually the penis as not liking penises would make it hard to pass as gay. There dream partners physiology is often described as a someone with intersex condition, aka futanari or futa and therefore probably is into futa as porn category.
Mr. X is such a degen fag, he’s just too desperate these days.

Your such a degen fag.
Cause you only do men cause you can’t get women!
by HerbanLee August 8, 2022
When someone living in NA goes to sleep during the same hours that Australians go to sleep.
You know you're in the degen hours when you and ur Aussie friend have the same sleeping schedule.
by UwUltimateDoge March 20, 2022