Stylish to the max. Any individual who can make friends with anyone
Dude. . .that stylin kid over there has GOT to be a Degen
by boise state March 5, 2009
Degen is a guys any girl will want. He is very smart and very good at drawing and painting. Everyone wants to be around a Degen, don't get on his bad side or you'll regret it, if you are Degens girlfriend you are very lucky .
Damn Degen you're so cute
by Ally Kate August 31, 2018
1. A degenerate induvidual. Characterised by a willingness to decline in financial, mental and physical health on an ongoing basis, often by means of his or her chosen party favor.

A degen is one step above the dero or derelict in the scale of madness.
Scozz Walker crawled out from under a miniskip after sacking a fistful of tacktacks and a skinful of tang. He is the ultimate degen!
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
any type of late night gamer, or late night enthusiast. night is only half of all time so can you blame them?
oh yeah, totally gonna degen it tonight in valorant.
by p00pheader March 3, 2022
Degenes are the degenerative genes inherited from your parents, defining one as a degen suggests they have inherited these genes
Jimmy is such a degen, he just flushed the loo before doing a poo, he clearly has degenes
by DaddyKingKongDong January 9, 2019
Many Variations Of Degener

1. To be very aggressive in everything one does
2. To go all out with any simple or complicated task
3. To learn the hard way
4. To figure out anything that needs to be figured out
John wanted to save 30 cents on a bolt he needed so he drove all the way to Canada where he found the same bolt online for 24 cents... John pulled a Degener
by Real Estate Guy April 13, 2011
fucking computer science retard. all loosers. short for degenerate fuck. no style. spotty, wear glasses, play on their computers all day
by johnnyboy May 29, 2003